Book Reviews

Posts listed in order by author

(I have read and would recommend all the books listed below)


Elisa Adams – For Your Pleasure

Adele Allaire – One Night Three Hearts

Rebecca Grace Allen – The Theory of Deviance

Nazarea Andrews – Fatal Beauty

Blue Ascroft – Deeper

Kristen Ashley – Chaos Series

Kristen Ashley – Dream Man Series

Kristen Ashley – Fire Inside

Kristen Ashley – Ride Steady

Kristen Ashley – Walk Through Fire


Tessa Bailey – Boiling Point

Tessa Bailey – Raw Redemption

Maya Banks – Anetakis Tycoon

Maya Banks – Be With Me

Maya Banks – Brazen/Reckless

Maya Banks – Breathless Series

Maya Banks – Colters’ Legacy Series

Maya Banks – For Her Pleasure

Maya Banks – Four Play

Maya Banks – Linger

Maya Banks – KGI Series

Maya Banks – Kings of the Boardroom

Maya Banks – Pregnancy & Passion

Maya Banks – Sweet Series

Maya Banks – Surrender Trilogy

Maya Banks – Sweet Temptation

Maya Banks – Understood

Maya Banks – Unspoken Series

Anna Bayes – Through His Lens

Shayla Black – Decadent

Shayla Black – Four Play

Shayla Black – His to Take

Shayla Black – Masters of Menage

Shayla Black – Wicked Lovers Series

Shayla Black – Wicked Ties

Shayla Black (as Shelley Bradley) – Sexy Capers

Shayla Black and Lexi Blake – Scandal Never Sleeps

Karen Bedore – The Bard

Aubry Bondurant – Ask Me Something

Aubrey Bondurant – Bet Me Something

Aubrey Bondurant – Tell Me Something

Tess Bowery – She Whom I love

Stacey Brandon and Karen Bell – Crash

J.D. Brick – Shelter From the Storm

J.D. Brick – Tangled Up in Blue

Patricia Briggs – Mercy Thompson Series

Brené Brown – Daring Greatly

Jaci Burton – All Wound Up

Jaci Burton – Changing the Game

Jaci Burton – The Kent Brothers Series

Jaci Burton – Play by Play Series

Jaci Burton – Taking a Shot

Jaci Burton – Quarterback Draw

Jaci Burton – Unexpected Rush

Jaci Burton – Unwrapped

Rhyannon Byrd – Dangerous Tides


Lily Cahill – Exposed

Lily Cahill – Prince Hudson

Lily Cahill – Sparked

Anne Calhoun – Under His Hand

Eve Carter – Breathless

Holly Caster – Cape May

Emma Chase – Tangled Series

Emma Chase – Appealed

Emma Chase – Overruled

Emma Chase – Sustained

Emma Chase – Tied

Alice Clayton – Nuts

Alice Clayton – Rusty Nailed

Alice Clayton – Wallbanger

Courtney Cole – If You Stay

Eden Cole – What He Wants

Samantha A Cole – Absolving His Sins

Samantha Cole – His Angel

Samantha A. Cole – The Devil’s Spare Change

Samantha Cole – Leather and Lace

Samantha Cole – Not Negotiable

Samantha A. Cole – Take the Money and Run

Samantha Cole – Topping the Alpha

Samantha Cole – Waiting For Him

Samantha Cole – Watching from the Shadows

Samantha A. Cole – Whiskey Tribute

Brian C. Copper – The Room

Brian C. Copper – Origins

Dallas Coryell – Melody’s Key

Jay Crownover – Rule

Olivia Cunning – Sinners on Tour Series

Olivia Cunning – One Night With Sole Regret Series

Olivia Cunning – Insider

Olivia Cunning – One Starry Night

Olivia Cunning – Outsider (Exodus World Tour – Volume 2)

Olivia Cunning – Take Me to Paradise

Olivia Cunning – Tease Me

Olivia Cunning – Tell Me

Sandy Curtis – The Marriage Merger


Lauren Dane – Brown Family Series

Lauren Dane – Delicious Series

Lauren Dane – Back To You

Lauren Dane – The Best Kind of Trouble

Lauren Dane – Broken Open

Lauren Dane – Cake

Lauren Dane – Chase Series

Lauren Dane – Federation Chronicles

Lauren Dane – Laid Bare

Lauren Dane – Making Chase

Lauren Dane – To Do List

Sylvia Day – All Revved Up

Sylvia Day – Crossfire Series

Sylvia Day – Bared to You

Sylvia Day – Captivated by You

Sylvia Day – Entwined with You

Sylvia Day – One With You

Sylvia Day – Reflected in You

Sylvia Day – Wish List 

Amy Deason – Angel in the Shadows

Tiffanie Debartolo – How to Kill a Rock Star

Jaine Diamond – Dirty Like Me

Jaine Diamond – Dirty Like Brody 

Jane Diamond – Dirty Like Us

Rebecca Donovan – Reason to Breathe Series

Rachel Dunning – Debt


Kelly Elliot – Wanted

Deanna Eshler – Our Kinda Love

Jessie Evans – Melt With Me

Katy Evans – Legend

Katy Evans – Manwhore

Katy Evans – Manwhore +1

Katy Evans – Real Series

Katy Evans – Ripped


MJ Fields and Chelsea Camaron – Jagger

S. L. Finlay – Billionaire’s Little Sweetheart

Gayle Forman – Where She Went

Melissa Foster – Tempting Tristan

Erika Foxx – A Taste For Kylie


Robert T. Germaux – The Backup Husband

Abbi Glines – Rosemary Beach Series

Abbi Glines – Bad For You

Abbi Glines – Hold On Tight

Abbi Glines – Kiro’s Emily

Abbi Glines – Sea Breeze Series

Abbi Glines – Until the End

Abbi Glines – Until Friday Night

Abbi Glines – Up in Flames

Abbi Glines – The Vincent Boys

Abbi Glines – When I’m Gone

Abbi Glines – When You’re Back

Abbi Glines – You Were Mine

Sherilee Gray – Wrecked

John Green – The Fault in Our Stars

Kari Gregg – You Melted Me

Jerry P. Gore, MD – Holistic Medicine


Heidi Hallifax – Dreamscape

Laurell Hamilton – Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series

Laurell K. Hamilton – Dead Ice

Laurell K. Hamilton – Flirt

Laurell K. Hamilton – Jason

Karen Harley – Eight to Midnight

Charlaine Harris – Sookie Stackhouse Series

Megan Hart – Alex Kennedy Series

Megan Hart – Broken

Megan Hart – Captivated

Megan Hart – Dan and Elle (Dirty, Reason Enough)

Megan Hart – Stranger 

John A. Heldt – The Mine

Colleen Hoover – Confess

Colleen Hoover – Losing Hope

Colleen Hoover – November 9

Colleen Hoover – Slammed Series

Sloane Howell – The Panty Whisperer

Helena Hunting – Pucked

Helena Hunting – Pucked Over

Helena Hunting – Pucked Up


Camilla Isley – Love Connection

Camilla Isley – A Sudden Crush


Myla Jackson – Boots and Chaps

E.L. James – Fifty Shades of Grey Series

E L James – Grey

Lorelei James – All Jacked Up

Lorelei James – Blacktop Cowboys Series

Lorelei James – Branded as Trouble

Lorelei James – Cowboy Casanova

Lorelei James – Cowgirls Don’t Cry

Lorelei James – Raising Kane

Lorelei James – Rough Riders Series

Lorelei James – Tied Up, Tied Down

Sydney Jamesson – TouchStone for Play

Kelly Jamieson – How to Love

Kelly Jamieson – Jilted

Kelly Jamieson – Reward of Three

Kelly Jamieson – Rhythm of Three

Kelly Jamieson – Slammed

Kelly Jamieson – Top Shelf

Kelly Jamieson – Wicked One Night

Kelly Jamieson – With Strings Attached

Lisa Rene Jones – Inside Out Triology

Kelsey Jordan – The First of Spring

Sky Jordan – Reckless


Laura Kaye – Hard Ink

Laura Kaye – Hard to Be Good

Laura Kaye – Hard To Come By

Laura Kaye – Hard to Let Go

L.T. Kelly – Kissing Cassie

Stacey Kennedy – Bound Beneath His Pain

J. Kenner – Stark Trilogy

J. Kenner – Stark International Series

J. Kenner – Most Wanted Series

J. Kenner – On My Knees

J. Kenner – Say My Name

J. Kenner – Tame Me

J. Kenner – Under My Skin

Beth Kery – Because You Are Mine Series

Beth Kery – Explosive

Beth Kery – Paradise Rules 

Beth Kery – Release

Beth Kery – Wicked Burn


Jo Leigh – To the Limit

Christina Lauren – Beautiful Beloved

Christina Lauren – Beautiful Secret 

Christina Lauren – Dirty Rowdy Thing

Christina Lauren – Dark Wild Night

Christina Lauren – Wicked Sexy Liar

Christina Lauren – Wild Seasons Series (Sweet Filthy Boy)

Shelly Laurenston – The Mane Event

Lora Leigh – Nauti Boy

M. Leighton – Bad Boys Series

M. Leighton – Brave Enough

M. Leighton – Wild Ones Series

J.L. Leslie – Finding Dawn

J.L. Leslie – Let the Waves Come In

Julie Ann Levin – Worth The Wait

Julie Ann Levin – Crazy For You

R.K. Lilley – Up in the Air Series

R.K. Lilley – Mr. Beautiful

Lorraine Loveit – Bounce Down

Lorraine Loveit – Full Time

Lorraine Loveit – Getting Tackled

Lorraine Loveit – Grand Final

Lorraine Loveit – Hard Ball

Lorraine Loveit – A Singer and a Soldier

Lorraine Loveit – Time On Elimination Final


Cali MacKay – Seduction and Surrender

Eliza Madison – Fast, Fresh, and Hot

Eliza Madison – Service With a Smolder

Cindi Madsen – 12 Steps to Mr. Right

Meg Maguire – Taking Him Down

Susan Mallery – Accidentally Yours

Marni Mann – Wild Aces

Wendy S. Marcus – Craving Her Soldier’s Touch, Secrets of a Shy Socialite

M.D. Martin – XTC A Lola Avocado novel

D.W. Marshall – Stolen Flame

D.W. Marshall – Weeping Violet

Dale Mayer – Mason Seals of Honor

Molly McAdams – Taking Chances

Erin McCarthy – Fast Track Novels

Jamie McGuire – Beautiful Series

Jamie McGuire – Beautiful Oblivion

Jamie McGuire – Beautiful Redemption

Jamie McGuire – Beautiful Sacrifice

Ana Mederios – The Raven Room

Stephenie Meyer – Twilight Saga

Trista Ann Michaels – Leave Me Breathless

K.L. Middleton – Summer Sizzle

Raine Miller –  Blackstone Affaire

Jennifer Millikin – Full of Fire

Rebecca Moon – Stripped and Bound

Rebecca Moon – Stripped Bare

Rebecca Moon – Stripped Raw

Lucy V. Morgan – Beautiful Mess

Holly Mortimer – Worlds Apart

Elizabeth Murphy – Home


Skylar Nightingale – Bound to You



Laurelin Paige – Fixed Trilogy

Laurelin Paige – Forever With You

Laurelin Paige – Hudson

Shelly Laurenston – The Beast in Him

C.J. Pinard – Summer Sizzle

LR Potter – Summer Sizzle

Jennifer Probst – Marriage to a Billionaire Series

Kristen Proby – Come Away With Me


Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott – Rocked

Sophie Quinn – Mr. Prime Minister


Nona Raines – Her Kind of Man

Nona Raines – His Kind of Woman

Anne Rainey – Body Rush

J.C. Reed – Surrender Your Love Series

J.C. Reed – Conquer Your Love

J.C. Reed – Treasure Your Love

Tiffany Reisz – Captivated

Tiffany Reisz – The Confessions

Tiffany Reisz – The King

Tiffany Reisz – The Original Sinners Series

Tiffany Reisz – The Queen

Tiffany Reisz – The Virgin

Dani René – Ace of Harts

Dani René – Between Love and Fire

Dani René – Between Lust & Tears

Dani René – Broken by Desire

Dani René – Cuffed

Dani René – Shattered by Love

Sylvain Reynard – Gabriel’s Inferno Series

Grace Risata – My Dirty Detour

L.D. Rose – Sweet Sacrifice

Emily Ruben – I Was A Bitch

Lori Ryan – Legal Ease


Hud Saunders – The Beasts of Belmont Park

Amy Schumer – The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo

Kylie Scott – Deep

Kylie Scott – Dirty

Kylie Scott – Lead

Kylie Scott – Lick

Kylie Scott – Play

Isabel Sharpe – Half-Hitched

Bethany Shaw – The Best Mistake

Nalini Singh – Rock Addiction

Joshua Edward Smith – Entropy

Joshua Edward Smith – Duality

Kelly D. Smith – Summoning the Demon

Ruby Stallion – Naomi’s Sexy Thanksgiving

S.C. Stephens – Effortless

S.C. Stephens – Reckless

S.C. Stephens – Thoughtful

S.C. Stephens – Thoughtless

Anwen Stiles – Jasmine Plays Her Hand

Rachel Strong – That Girl


Tara Sue Me – Submissive Series

Tara Sue Me – The Claiming

Tara Sue Me – The Chalet

Tara Sue Me – The Collar

Tara Sue Me – Enticement

Tara Sue Me – The Exhibitionist

Tara Sue Me – The Master

C.D. Taylor – A Fighting Chance

C.D. Taylor – Left to Chance

Nancy S. Thompson – Stirred

Vicki Lewis Thompson – The Heart Won’t Lie

Diane Thorne – A Gift to Remember 

Diane Thorne – Another Gift to Remember



J.C. Valentine – Forbidden Valentine

JC Valentine – S.O.B.

S. Valentine – Her Confession

S. Valentine – His Confession

Alegra Verde – Taking Her Boss


Saskia Walker – Her Fantasy

Saskia Walker – Inescapable

J.R. Ward – Black Daggar Brotherhood

JR Ward – Blood Kiss

J.R. Ward – The Shadows

Penelope Ward – Roomhate

Sondi Warner – Deserving

J.E. Warren – Lines We Forget

Skye Warren – Deep

Maggie Way – Sydney 

Tammara Webber – Contours of the Heart

Tawny Weber – Fearless

Tawny Weber – A Seal’s Seduction

Collette West – Single

Geneva West – Brian Gets Taken

Meredith Wild – Hard Limit

Meredith Wild – Hardline

Meredith Wild – Hard Love

Meredith Wild – Hardpressed

Meredith Wild – Hardwired

Natalie Wild – Endless Love

Jon Wilde – His Undeniable Desire

Nicole Williams – Crash Series

L.A. Witt – Hiatus

Whitney G. – Sincerely, Carter

Laura Wright – First Ink

Laura Wright – Wicked Ink Chronicles

Joanna Wylde – Reaper’s Motorcycle Club Series



Zoe York – Love in a Small Town

Samantha Young – Echoes of Scotland Street

Samantha Young – Hero

Samantha Young – Moonlight on Nightingale Way

Samantha Young – On Dublin Street Series

Samantha Young – Valentine