Helena Hunting – Pucked


YAY!!  I finally got to read Pucked.  It had been on my TBR for a while.  I had heard so many great things about the book I was starting to worry that it wouldn’t live up to the hype.  NO  WORRIES!  This book is fantastic.  It’s hot, fun, sexy, and humorous – sometimes all at the same time.  The open and often awkward conversations between Violet and Alex are part of what makes this remarkably unique.

If you didn’t know, the book centers around (pun intended) the captain and center for the Chicago Blackhawks.

This book was so good that even I, a huge St. Louis Blues fan and Blackhawk despiser, fell in love with the story and characters.

The gift giving is a little over the top, but the fun possibilities with a $1000 gift card to Victoria’s Secret is a thrill to the imagination.

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