C.D. Taylor – A Fighting Chance (Chances Are #3)


The summer heat in Texas isn’t half as hot as the steamy scenes in this book.  C.D. Taylor nailed it with the third installment of the Chances Are Series.

Tyler is an ex-marine with a body for sin and a mind to get what he wants.  He has a great sense of what is important to him and stands by his convictions.  He’s hot and honorable all at the same time.

Tiffani is a woman with a complicated past that bleeds into a complicated present.  She hasn’t always made the best decisions in the past,  but with the right influences she can open her heart and secure a future.

When Tyler and Tiffani meet, it is an instant inferno of passion.  Both feel the incredible connection and know that the thing between them is more than a singular romp.

If you had the pleasure of reading the first two books in the series, Emily and Jake make a well-incorporated appearance in this book.  No worries if you didn’t read the others in the series, A Fighting Chance can also be read as a stand alone.

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