JR Ward – Blood Kiss (Black Dagger Legacy)


FABULOUS SPIN-OFF!! Very little about the lessors and a lot of hot Brothers

This story has two main story lines: Butch and Marissa, from the original series, and the new to the Brotherhood training program, Paradise and Craeg.  I love that this spin off doesn’t abandon the characters from the original series.  In fact, that relationship constitutes about half of the novel.

Butch and Marissa face a break in their relationship if Butch keeps his feelings to himself.  The fear of losing Marissa is Butch’s achilles heal.  The importance of a Shellan in a Brother’s life is irresistible.

Paradise and Craeg are both strong and attracted to each other but they come from extremely different backgrounds.  Paradise proves to be an incredible strong woman and Craeg proves to be a man of worth.  The comparison of what that means to each respective gender is captivating.

As soon as I finished this book, I was immediately craving more BDB.  The Brotherhood vampires are the sexiest paranormal characters every been published.  They have toned, perfectly developed bodies that are made go the distance.  They are fearless and eternally protective.  When they bond with a female, their love is infinitive, true, and unequivocally faithful.  Butch’s faithfulness is described by comparing the intrigue of walking through a roomful of beautiful naked women to watching a lawn mower.  Butch never suffers from a wandering eye.  He only sees Marissa.


image from Dirty Girl Romance 

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