Tara Sue Me – The Collar (The Submissive #5)


This story focuses on Dena and Jeff and is told in both the present and past.  In the present, it is clear that the two love each other very much, but they have been avoiding each other for years.

Dena is fantastic, she’s an attorney and is dynamically in control in a courtroom.  She has the strength and earnest to be a Domme, but knows herself well enough to understand and appreciate her need to be a submissive.  For once, it is the female submissive that is the wealthy one in the relationship.  Jeff was her Master in the past.  Dominance doesn’t mean without weakness.  Rather than claim the woman he is love with, Jeff sets off on a course to run away.

There’s a perfect amount of mystery and suspense.  It is just enough to give the characters a reason to exist in each others’ lives but doesn’t distract from the true romance of the novel.

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Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Tara Sue Me!

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