About Me

Much of my research for becoming a romance author stems from my time as a book blogger, where I reached top ten on goodreads.

Living on the west coast, I walk my dogs miles each day. Now, I listen to more audiobooks than bake; and I spend numerous hours writing.

In the past, my writing has run the gamut, including: simple poetry, legal briefs, impassioned pleas to congress, Greek mythology, non-fiction, and erotic romance.

Most recently, I signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press for my book, Overruling Judgment. The erotic romance novel will be released on July 5, 2023.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. When I tried to register on The Indie View I mistakenly filled in the info on “Login” and mashed send. When I finally found the “register” button I filled in my name and e-mail only to be told my e-mail was taken….only because I had mistakenly used in on the Login site. Can you please correct this so I can register. thanks for your help.


    • Hi Terrell. I’m sorry you had issues with The Indie View. I don’t run the site. I’m just a member. You might try putting something on comment section of The Indie View site. Or, here is the twitter address in order to get in touch: @theindieviews


      • Hi Liz I think I got it worked out but thanks so much for taking your busy valuable time to respond.  I love your site and thanks so for your effort to help us struggling writers.  As a 74 year old author who has finally finished a three year effort on his first and last book, I wish now that I had spent the time trying to be first violinist in the New York symphony. RegardsTerrell Reagan


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