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I’m a firm believer in the concept that the richer the dessert or the more sinful the book, the better the experience. These are two of my favorite guilty pleasures in life. Scratch that! I will feel no guilt!

In order to make a great dessert, it must look delectable and taste delicious. I’ve been decorating cakes since I was five and baking since I was ten. I can’t really go more than a week without the urge to bake something. I’m gluten-free but most of my desserts are not, so I have a whole lot of taste-testers that I keep happy with my frequent samples. I find inspiration from friendly requests, seasonal and holiday interests, or just my insane need to sate others’ taste palettes.

I cannot imagine going a single day without reading. When I have an e-book I usually choose to read while exercising on the stair master. I’m never without a book while shuttling my kids around to tennis day after day. I can also cook pasta for my family with one hand and at the same time read a book using my other hand. I love finding a book that I simply can’t put down.

I write because I need to. Sometimes I write because I feel very passionate about an issue, I revel in the process, or I have character dialogs running rampant in my head that I need to purge. My writing has run the gamut, including: simple poetry, legal briefs, impassioned pleas to congress, Greek mythology, non-fiction, and most recently erotic romance.

So I say, why not indulge in a morsel of a sugary treat or a hot read?

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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. When I tried to register on The Indie View I mistakenly filled in the info on “Login” and mashed send. When I finally found the “register” button I filled in my name and e-mail only to be told my e-mail was taken….only because I had mistakenly used in on the Login site. Can you please correct this so I can register. thanks for your help.


    • Hi Terrell. I’m sorry you had issues with The Indie View. I don’t run the site. I’m just a member. You might try putting something on comment section of The Indie View site. Or, here is the twitter address in order to get in touch: @theindieviews


      • Hi Liz I think I got it worked out but thanks so much for taking your busy valuable time to respond.  I love your site and thanks so for your effort to help us struggling writers.  As a 74 year old author who has finally finished a three year effort on his first and last book, I wish now that I had spent the time trying to be first violinist in the New York symphony. RegardsTerrell Reagan


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