Maggie Way – Sydney (Entangle Me Book 1)



This is a fun quick read.  Lacey’s rehearsal dinner turns into a complete disaster, but her reaction to Adam is laugh-out-loud funny.  He is so awful that you can’t help but laugh.

Lacey … GO GIRL POWER!  She’s a bit sassy and determined but a romantic at heart.  You can’t help but like her for the mere fact that she doesn’t allow her a**hole ex-fiance destroy her spirit.

Gabe is the fantastic gay best friend/business partner.  He brings a bit of levity to the situation.

Looking forward to getting to know Tristan better in the next book in the series.

The only thing that would have made this better, is if I were drinking a glass a wine along with the characters.  Oh, maybe some chocolate, too.  (If Lacey gets to imbibe, I should, too)


A jilted girl…
A wicked boy…
A forbidden kiss…
A happily ever after?

Lacey Ryan’s perfect life was well underway, until her fiancé blindsides her with a betrayal so deep it changes everything. Now her life’s gone to hell, and the only way out may be at the hands of the last person she’d have expected to come to her rescue, Tristan Keys—the deliciously sexy player she’s fantasized about her entire life.

Sure he’s arrogant, cocksure, and frustratingly handsome, but he’s also offering exactly what she needs, a fresh start planning destination weddings. First class flights, the chance to see the world, and maybe a little harmless flirtation while she’s at it. Yes, it’s just what she needs.

Only there’s one glaring problem: Tristan happens to be her brother’s best friend. Which means he is completely off-limits. She knows it, he knows it. It’s completely forbidden. Even though she’s always followed all the rules, suddenly Lacey find herself wanting to break them all. Is he worth the risk? Or will he only break her heart—and possibly her bed springs? There’s only one way to find out, and it’s going to involve a lot of suitcase packing, merlot and chocolate.

Thank You Arc to Maggie Way!

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