Laura Kaye – Hard to Let Go (A Hard Ink Novel #5)

Hard to Let Go

This is last book in this series.  Things are tense as ever as the dishonorably discharged group of Navy Seals attempts to clear their records.  As in the other novels, extreme situations lead to passion.

Kat is an intelligent and sassy woman that likes to tease Beckett.  I love how she’s nick-named him Trigger because he pulled a gun on her when they first met.  The funny part is how much it bothers him.  The humor continues as Beckett finally announces to his best friend and Kat’s brother that he wants to date Kat.  Beckett is all male and extraordinarily fit, which makes for some very hot partially dressed scenes.  Fortunately, half-dressed quickies is not the only tricks in his repertoire.  “I finally have you all to myself with no need to hurry.  I’m taking you to your bed, stripping you down, and spreading you out just like I said I would.”

If you’re a fan of the series, the author, Laura Kaye, is allowing fans to vote for which characters will be included in her next novella (a marriage between two characters).  Voting ends July 31, 2015.  Go to Laura Kaye’s website to vote.


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