Olivia Cunning – Tell Me (One Night With Sole Regret #6)


If you like romance books about rock stars, you must read this series.  Olivia Cunning is a goddess author of rock star romance!

Gabe is the epitome of the phrase ‘Don’t judge people by the cover.’  He is a mohawk, tattoo emblazoned metal rock band drummer with the mind of a physicist.  He puts his mind to good use by designing sex toys.  (I definitely majored in the wrong type of engineering in college).  His creativity in the toy realm is reason enough to read this book.  Beyond, the incredible bedroom scenes, the book delves into the concept of being accepted by one’s own family.  Sometimes how one believes that they are viewed is vastly different from how their family actually views them.   I love how Gabe’s mom knows immediately that Melanie is the right person for him.

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