Eliza Madison – Fast, Fresh, and Hot


Finally!  A romance with a little diversity (and I don’t mean cliched diversity that over emphasizes stereotypes).  Tariq was born in Egypt and his father was Iranian.  He moved to England when he was young so he has a bit of English flair in his vocabulary.  Besides Tariq’s olive colored skin, he also isn’t just some pizza delivery guy who’s out to bed every delivery customer.  He’s a graduate student and refuses to be dismissed as a boy toy.  Becca is outside the norm, as well.  She is a bit quirky in that she has an appreciation for Batman, including a tattoo in an intimate place.  Also, unlike characters in other novels that seem to forget all life responsibilities during their romances, Becca prioritizes her academic career.

The title is perfectly apropos.  It’s Fast – their relationship develops quickly.  It’s Fresh – the rarity of the characters is awesome.  And, holy cow is it HOT!  This isn’t some pizza-cheesy porn.  There’s serious sizzling chemistry between Tariq and Becca.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Eliza Madison!

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