Skylar Nightingale – Bound to You


This is a young adult romance novel.  This book does a great job of capturing the wishy-washiness of young adults in their early twenties.  They can fall in love easily, but have a hard time committing at such a young age.  They make mistakes and easily hurt one another.  The supporting cast of characters also reflects this idea of trying to be mature in a relationship but not quite having skills to follow through.

The ups and downs in this romance was spectacular.  It is full of unpredictable twists.  I couldn’t put down the book because of the uncertainty of how the story would end.

The way that the story was presented was a bit unorthodox.  One chapter is presented by Nina and then the following chapter is presented by Terry about the same time span but from his perspective.  It was a bit difficult to get used to the pace, but it was nice to see both of their points of view.

Bound to You

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 10.18.58 AM to Skylar Nightingale!

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