Emma Chase – Tied


I love Drew and I love this book!  Drew Evans is the perfect blend of male characteristics, which makes him incredibly sexy.  He’s cocky but justifiably arrogant.  He’s intelligent and successful in the investment banking world.  He’s beautiful.  He’s an asshole, but he’s self-aware of it and is honest enough to admit to the shortcomings of his natural male tendencies.  He’s not immune to jealousy, which makes him a bit more appreciative.  He’s got a practically insatiable libido, but very generous in bed.  Drew isn’t afraid of speaking about what’s on his mind, sometimes crass  (and funny) and sometimes very romantic.  I melted when he told his mom, “If it wasn’t for you-I never would’ve been able to win over a woman like Kate.”  And, he’s a wonderful caring father.  Of course he believes that seeing a shirtless guy with a baby is a form of “female frigging Viagra.”  Overall, Drew is the yin and yang of perfection.

This book was very much worth losing sleep over – I couldn’t put it down.  Every page kept my attention.  The humor in the book is like frosting that holds a cake together.  It makes the whole even more delicious.  Emma Chase teases about the gratuitous oral scene.  Well hey, I like a little extra frosting on my cake.  There are so many funny lines that I would love to quote and share, but I don’t want to spoil the entire book experience.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Emma Chase!

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