Strong Sexy Supermales

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Kristen Ashley


Fire Inside

Ride Steady

Walk Through Fire

Dream Man

Maya Banks

Sweet Series

Sweet Temptation

KGI Series

Tessa Bailey

Raw Redemption

Shayla Black

Wicked Lovers

His to Take

Rhyannon Byrd

Dangerous Tides 

Jaci Burton

Play by Play Series

Changing the Game

Quarterback Draw

All Wound Up

Taking a Shot

Unexpected Rush

Anne Calhoun

Under His Hand Strong

Samantha Cole

Trident Security

Leather and Lace

His Angel

Waiting for Him

Not Negotiable

Topping the Alpha

Watching From the Shadows

Whiskey Tribute

Samantha A Cole – Absolving His Sins

Malone Brothers

Take the Money and Run

The Devil’s Spare Change

Brian C. Copper 

The Room

Lauren Dane


Rachel Dunning 


Katy Evans

Real Series



MJ Fields and Chelsea Camaron


Melissa Foster

Tempting Tristan

Helena Hunting


Pucked Up

Pucked Over

Lorelei James

Blacktop Cowboys

Rough Riders 

Branded As Trouble

All Jacked Up

Cowboy Casanova

Cowgirls Don’t Cry

Raising Kane

Tied Up, Tied Down

Skye Jordan


Laura Kaye

Hard Ink

Hard To Hold On To

Hard to Come By

Hard To Let Go

Hard To Be Good

Lorraine Loveit

Playing the Game Series:

Bounce Down

Getting Tackled

Hard Ball

Full Time

Time On – Elimination Final

Grand Final

A Singer and a Soldier

Dale Mayer

Mason Seals of Honor

Jamie McGuire

Beautiful Series

Maddox Brothers 

Beautiful Oblivion

Beautiful Redemption:

Beautiful Sacrifice

Grace Risata

My Dirty Detour

JC Valentine


Skye Warren


Tawny Weber

A Seal’s Seduction 

Jon Wilde

His Undeniable Desire

Joanna Wylde

Reaper’s Motorcycle Club

Summer Sizzle

Chasing Emma by K.L. Middleton 

Controlled Burn by LR Potter 

Rush of Innocence by LR Potter

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