Shayla Black – His to Take


What a potent combination: (1) running from a murdeous mad-man; (2) hiding in a BDSM club; and (3) sizzling chemistry between a ballet dancer and an elite military man.

Joaquin finds the Dom in himself.  His military background makes him a take-chargge kind of guy, but he has to learn to open his heart.  One of my favorite quotes of his,

“You’re like the drug that I can’t get enough of.  When I’m not inside you, all I can think about is fucking you.   When I am, I don’t think of anything but filling you completely and owning you.”

Bailey is innocent but strong at the same time.  Her emotional conflict brought a realism to the story.  She enjoyed being spanked for the first time but was too embarrassed to admit it.

Joaquin promises Bailey a sensational time.

“I love the sound of you begging baby girl.  Now I’m ready to hear you scream.”

Like the military man he is, Joaquin completes his mission and Bailey finally realizes the addictive nature of outstanding sex.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Shayla Black!

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