Tara Sue Me – The Master


This book is absolutely brilliant.  It literally takes a character from the evil depths of the BDSM world and steps through all the positive aspects of a BDSM relationship, which results in mentally strengthening both Dominant and submissive.

I love how the beauty and calmness of the cover directly reflects how the developing Dominant/submissive relationship between Cole and Sasha is soothing to both.  This story is about the delicacy of the BDSM relationship.

This book also contains a lot of hot erotic, traditional BDSM scenes.  Tara Sue Me writes with such finesse that the mental image of her words almost transforms into a physical caress.


More importantly, the way that the author weaves the sex scenes into the context of a mutual beneficial relationship, makes this the best BDSM romance book I’ve read.

The author dispels the notion that the BDSM community is only comprised of depraved persons.  In the middle of a scene, involving numerous Doms and a sub, one of the participants receives an alarming call about their spouse being rushed to the hospital.  Everyone drops what they are doing to assist this person.  Just because these characters lead a kinky sexual lifestyle doesn’t make them lose sight of other priorities.

Finally, I also love the occasional nuggets of humor.  My favorite is when Cole sarcastically comments on Sasha’s lack of creative writing:

“Six years and the filthiest sentence you could come up with using ‘its’ is, ‘I put the vibrator in its place at the back of my nightstand’?”

The Master.png

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