Alice Clayton – Rusty Nailed (Cocktail #2)

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Humorous and romantic.  Alice Clayton will have you laughing out loud and fretting over the status of relationships.

I absolutely loved how the author had running text messages between the women about a topic then had a similar topic of texts between the men.  Of course, the difference between the conversations was hilarious.

The playful banter between Wallbanger and Nighty Girl is fantastic.  I like how they’re really comfortable in their relationship together despite it being less than conventional.  Even when they’re at Simon’s reunion, there’s a sexy security in their relationship.

Caroline says, “Do you know how intoxicating tonight was for me? … Half the women there tonight wanted to fuck you, Simon – but they don’t get to. … I do.”

Even when work gets in their way, Caroline and Simon seem to find ways to prioritize their relationship, making them an endearing couple.

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