Aubrey Bondurant – Tell Me Something


This book breaks away from the cliche of secretary sleeping with the millionaire boss.  The female assistant is both likable and respectable; and the male boss doesn’t abuse his position of power and has enough insecurities to make him more real.

Haylee is an intelligent woman, graduating from Stanford with a 4.0 gpa and earning a 172 on her LSAT.  She uses her knowledge of Spanish, Manderine, and Cantonese to assist her boss.  Despite her 130lb size 6 body, she ends up with a few modeling opportunities, which is where she meets Josh.  She isn’t a wallflower.  She makes the first move and refuses to sit by and be pathetic when Josh insists on attending public events with other women.  Most importantly, she isn’t afraid to call Josh out when he behaves like a jackass.

The fact that Josh’s ex-wife cheated on him makes him a bit insecure and prevents him from not freely willing to open up to Haylee.  Not withstanding, he can be genuinely caring and considerate.  And let’s not forget, he’s generous and exceptional in the bedroom.

The intimacy and respect between Josh and Haylee feels authentic.  Josh says, “Sometimes I think you hold me in higher regard than I probably deserve.” Haylee responds, “Sometimes we all need someone who does.”

The heat between the two of them is palpable despite the two of them trying to keep their relationship a secret.  They can’t hide the way they feel from each other in front of their friends.  I love how Josh’s best friend and brother behave in order to push Josh to reveal his true feelings for Haylee.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Aubrey Bondurant!

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