J.D. Brick – Shelter From the Storm



If you read Book 1, which I really liked, then you know why I chose to read this book.  Book 1 had left the reader on a cliff.

I enjoyed the twists and turns that the story followed in Shelter From the Storm. The legal aspects of the story completely sucked me in. I found the complications and resolutions  completely satisfying. Most importantly, awesome HEA!

I liked how the side characters continued to create havoc in Keegan and Blue’s lives.  It definitely helped move the story line along.


The epic love story that began in Tangled Up in Blue continues in Shelter from the Storm

College students Keegan and Blue find themselves at the center of a storm of their own making. Blue is called to account for his actions when he was a soldier in Afghanistan. He tries to do the right thing. But almost overnight, he is enveloped in a raging controversy that threatens the well-being of everyone close to him, especially the girl he so desperately loves.

As their relationship is put to a thunderous test, Keegan and Blue take comfort in each other. Every choice they make, though, comes at a cost. Lies are exposed. Vengeance is taken. But the demands of justice and the merciless machinations of fate seem to offer no escape.


J.D. Brick – Tangled Up in Blue

Thank You Arc to J.D. Brick!

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