Emma Chase – Overruled (The Legal Briefs Series)


Crazy-topsy-turvey emotional roller coaster!  Honestly, in the beginning I literally hated the main male character.  Many times the book made me think that he had lost his everliving mind.  I got so angry that I actually had to put the book down during the first evening of reading.  I desperately wanted someone to smack him.  On a few occasions the grandmother threatens to shoot him.  I was a bit disappointed when she held back on her instinct.

Did I hate the book?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  It was great!  I highly recommend reading it.  Any romance book that can stir up that much emotion in a reader, is a good book.

How did I get past my negative feelings for Stanton?

First, I loved how strong the female characters are in this book.  Both Jenny and Sophia were excellent compliments to Stanton’s arrogance and idiocy.

Second, despite his numerous missteps, Stanton was a very sincere father to his daughter Presley.

Third, Emma Chase’s writing is funny and highly entertaining.

Fourth, (I’m a bit ashamed to admit) I read the epilogue before reading the second half of the book.  I couldn’t help myself.  I’m an HEA junkie and Stanton’s antics were stressing me out.  I realize the error of my ways and thoroughly admit that my actions warrant punishment.

Naughty Paddle

Fifth, Stanton does redeem himself.  He grovels well.

I looking forward to reading the next in the series: Sustained.

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