Sophie Quinn – Mr. Prime Minister


This was an absolutely refreshing twist on a story where a wealthy, powerful man falls for a plain simple woman.  If you are tired of those types of stories, you should consider reading this book.  The story line in this book is truly fabulous!

The dialogue in the book is great, too.  Each character has a unique voice and personality.  The supporting cast adds a lot of humor and sincerity to the book.  Perhaps, it is just because I’m an American, but I love reading the English jargon.

The book captures the essence of romance:

“You should pick someone not pretty, not funny, not rich or talented, not someone who loves you when you’re successful and beautiful, funny and upbeat.  You should pick someone that respects you now, at your worst, at your lowest, because if he does, then you know you’ll have a partner for life, no matter what happens.”

Mr. Prime Minister.png

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 10.18.58 AM to Sophie Quinn!



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