J.L. Leslie – Finding Dawn



I have an extreme love/hate relationship with this book.  As a stand-alone book, it is a great dark romance with plenty of twists.  However, the dark aspects of this book are not even remotely alluded to in the book blurb, which initially made me react quite negatively to the story.  I truly enjoyed the book that preceded this novel (giving it 5 stars) and described it as a “feel good” book.  Finding Dawn takes on a drastically different tone.  This book is very gritty, including some graphic violence.

If I work hard at trying to parse out my initial negative reactions, I think this is a compelling story.   I liked how a lot of the unexpected twists contrast the overly predictable beginning.  I find that this pacing strategy enhanced the drama.


Moving to California is the best decision I’ve ever made. I no longer work for my ex-fiancé’s father. I’m hundreds of miles away from my ex-fiancé. And I met a woman who completely intrigues me. Dawn. No last name.

Yeah…moving to California was a great idea.

Only I can’t seem to get Dawn out of my head. The way we met. The way she acts. The night we had together. Now she’s just gone.

She bailed on me. But I don’t give up so easily. I’ll find her.

I just wasn’t expecting what I’d find…or who…

**Due to mature language, adult content, drug abuse, and strong sexual content this book is intended for mature audiences only.**

(Finding Dawn is Drew’s story from Let The Waves Come In, but is a stand-alone full length novel. It is not necessary to read Let The Waves Come In prior to reading Finding Dawn.)

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Thank You Arc to J.L. Leslie!


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