Katy Evans – “Ripped”


If you liked the first three books in the Real Series, then you are bound to like “Ripped” (the 5th in the series) as well.

Young love can be intense, ever-lasting, and most importantly REAL.  Pandora and Mackenna prove that in Ripped.  I love how Katy Evans echoes the theme of real love in Ripped.  Kenna says, “She’s real to me.”

I also like how Katy Evan plays on the characters from her other books.  She uses the deep love between Remy and Brooke as the ideal attainable goal to which Pandora and Kenna are both jealous.

The desperate need that both of them have for each other is palpable.  “I want her deep and hard, like wanting to tie myself to a sinking ship and letting it take me under.”

This book makes you ache for REAL LOVE.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Katy Evans!

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