Christina Lauren – “Dirty Rowdy Thing”



“Dirty Rowdy Thing”  #2 in the Wild Seasons Series

Christina and Lauren did again – they made me put my life on hold so that I could finish reading one of their books.  What else did they do?  They made me ruin my copy of the book.  I dog-eared so many pages where I absolutely loved the lines that now my copy is an absolute mess.  Unfortunately, I’m not going into detail about some of the non-PG rated quotes – you have to read the book.

Just as Harlow says “I think I have you locked down pretty tight”  Christina and Lauren have a lock on what love is about.  Harlow thinks to herself, “I realize while I’m watching him struggle with this that I sincerely just want Finn to be happy.”

I most adore the characters’ sarcastic use of nicknames and references to pop culture media.

All in all, a fun, hot, must-read book!

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Christina Lauren!



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