Anna Bayes – Through His Lens


Quick and hot, with meaning in the mix.  A recently divorced woman poses for a photographer.  He doesn’t want wham bam thank you ‘mam.  The way in which he sees more in her than just her physical beauty is romance at its best.  He wants her to belong to him and beg him.  He knows how to work the situation to get her to fall completely for him.  He burrows deeper and states, “I want to make you miss me in every detail of your life because there’s me in all of them.”

Slight spoiler alert …  We all know that a romance book always ends with a happily ever after, so I don’t really think this is a true spoiler.  This was one of the best last lines of a book that I’ve read lately.  It’s simply and succinctly meaningful.

“We are together, inspiring each other, and making each other happy.  We are lucky.”

Nathan is great at seduction.  It made me question how this story would be different if it were a man just recently divorced and the photographer was a woman.  Oh well, that’s a completely different story.  Probably one lacking any teeth.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Anna Bayes!

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