Samantha Cole – Leather and Lace (Trident Security Book 1)


This book is like a delicious dessert recipe that has just the right combination of ingredients.  It’s got a “sexy six pack” of men that happen to be well built ex navy seals.  Devon comes from a lot of money; but doesn’t flaunt it, act superior because of it, or use it to manipulate Kristen. He does own a sex club and is a well skilled Dominant.  I love how he humorously refers to Kristen’s ex-husband by an assortment of derogatory names like “goat fucker.” But Devon’s best quality is the way in which he enables Kristen to forget her displeasing sexual history and guides her to discover pleasure.  The sex scenes are hot!  There is also an edge to Devon that makes him come across as thoughtful rather than just a domineering ass.

Kristen is a relatable character – she’s a fan of romance novels.  She says, “Too bad life wasn’t a steamy romance novel with a hot and hunky hero knocking on her door.”  Who hasn’t thought that at one time or another?

Finally, the crime/suspense story line didn’t detract from the romantic story line.  It did leave me wanting to get to know Carter better.  I’m hoping to get to know him better as the series progresses.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Samantha Cole!

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