Tara Sue Me – The Chalet (#3.5 Submissive Trilogy)


After a month-long self-imposed period of abstinence, Nathaniel and Abigail celebrate their honeymoon.  Friends warned them that it would lead to a very brief interlude.  Of course, Nathaniel has way too much control to accidentally fall to such low expectations.  On the other hand, pun intended, they both meet the challenge of satisfying one another within 5 minutes.  The tone of the rest of the honeymoon is agreed upon by the newlyweds, “We should make wicked and decadent the theme for our honeymoon.”  They start coming to terms about their non-collared time together and incorporating both Nathaniel’s dominant side and Abigail’s submissive side – less rules but still a lot of seriously hot sex.  This book is so hot that it will make you desperate for a romantic getaway.

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Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Tara Sue Me! 

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