Rebecca Grace Allen – The Theory of Deviance



A really well paced and structured story.  I loved how the relationship between Krissy, Rafe, and Mikey develops.  Some stories go from 0 to 60 in seconds and leave the reader thinking that the transition was too simplistic.  This story takes more of a dipping the toe in the water approach.  The story gives the virgin a little bit of chance to get used to the water.

The threesome aspect offers a few different homophobic reactions of the religious nature.  While the issues may be maddening, the story emphasizes the strength of the characters and their triumphs.  In the end, I came to respect the characters more than feel sorry for them.

I might have been able to rate the book higher, if the main character’s name wasn’t Mikey.  Honestly, that name doesn’t ever belong in a romance novel.  Names are critical to a story.  The only image in my head that the name Mikey conjures is that of a young adolescent boy.

This is the third book in the series.  I hadn’t read the first two books, but had no problem jumping into this story.  After reading this one, I would like to go back and read the first two in the series.


Deviance is unacceptable. It’s taboo. And it’s the one thing he’s always wanted.Portland Rebels, Book 3Painful shyness isn’t the only reason Mikey Pelletier is a twenty-five-year-old virgin. Between working for his parents and volunteering at his church, he neither has the time nor the inclination to admit his bisexuality to the world-or to himself.A visit from Krissy Porter will hopefully fix everything. After three months of chatting with her, Mikey’s got one carefully planned week to win her heart and lose his V-card. He’s hoping he can pull it off, even with her roommate along for the ride.Krissy has been drawn to Mikey for a while. He’s so easygoing, she thinks he could be the calm in her storm. But there’s an extra complication when she comes to visit: her friend-with-benefits, “hetero-flexible” roommate, Rafe.During a week of revelations, intimacy, and kink, Krissy and Rafe become the angel and devil on Mikey’s shoulders, tempting him in different directions. And all three of them discover that a week of pure deviance can lead to the most uncontrollable emotion of all: love.Warning: This book contains innocent board game-playing that takes a sexy turn, use of recreational substances, back-door action, and some smokin’ hot threesomes. Plus, scenes of inner-demon slaying. Fans and tissues advised.

Thank You Arc to Rebecca Grace Allen!

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