Kristen Proby – Come Away With Me


This is Book One in the With Me In Seattle Series (Volume 1)

This is a feel-good book.  The frequency of the coupling scenes is inspirational.  Luke’s jealousy and protective nature is hot.  The drama is sufficient to keep the story moving, but does not make it a stressful read.  The ancillary characters, their friends and family, add warmth to the story.

One thing about this book that does stand out for me is the character, Natalie.  I love when she stands up to Luke’s sister (who pretty much doesn’t think that Natalie is good enough to date her brother).

And, Natalie has awesome phrases tattooed on her body in multiple languages:

One Step at a Time (in Italian)

Be happy for this moment.  This moment is your life. (in Sanskrit)

Love deeply (in Greek)

Happiness Is a Journey (in French)

Forgive (in Italian)

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Kristen Proby!

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