Blue Ashcroft – Deeper


There are all different reasons for choosing the books we read.  Usually I choose books based on recommendations or reviews that I read.  This time, I chose the book because I thought the author had a cool name.  I have a “thing” about names.  I always find them to be an important element to a character.  I personally spend a huge amount of time when considering names for my characters.  I love that Blue Ashcroft chose unique names in this book and explained the motivation of the characters’ parents.

Rain – “My parents are from Texas.  My mom says I was as welcome as summer rain.”

Knight – “[My mom] was really into romance novels.  She says I saved her life when I was born.  She calls me her knight.”

It is a sweet, relatively innocent, romance involving characters that both have a traumatic past.  The ending left me feeling satisfied and optimistic.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Blue Ashcroft!

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