J. Kenner – Say My Name


This is a spin off of the Stark Trilogy and is written in the same vein.  The connection between the two series is fantastic but I refuse to spoil it.  Similar to Damien, Jackson Steele is a wealthy and powerful architect that gets what he wants.  He is controlling and manipulative, but for a submissive those are all good attributes.  Sometimes the line between good control and bad control aren’t clear, which makes relationships complicated.*  He has a history of pushing Sylvia Brooks too far.  Is he out to win her heart or just out to win control over her?  Sylvia Brooks left Jackson once before, but will returning to his bed be too much for her.  Beware, this book ends such that you’ll feel compelled to read the next.

* This complication only relates to the adult relationship between Sylvia and Jackson.  Sylvia’s childhood past includes being assaulted by an adult.  Under no circumstances should an adult take such action on a minor child.  This distinction is clear in the story as well.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to J. Kenner!



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