M. Leighton – Brave Enough (Tall, Dark, and Dangerous #3)


Perfect book for a book club that enjoys a glass a wine.  It pairs well with both a red and white.

Tag may work the land at the vineyard, but he isn’t a snobby sommelier.  He’s over 6 and half feet tall with broad shoulders and a narrow waste.  But more importantly, he knows the type of kiss that pairs and follows the type of wine.

Weatherly is looking for an opportunity to let go.  Lucky for her, she arrives at her family’s property, an amazingly romantic paradise, and finds the incredibly hot Tag whose more than happy to engage in some down and dirty sex.  After reading some of these scenes, I needed a cold shower more than the characters.

Best part of the book is that both main characters are multi-dimensional.  They are possessive, strong, shrewd, and articulate but can also show insecurities and regret.  They were anything but predictable, which made for a great read.

There were lots of twists that kept me turning the pages ’til the very end.

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