Jaci Burton – Quarterback Draw


As a fan of the Play-by-Play Series, this one is a win.  Katrina is a supermodel, which initially made me not like her.  But, she is admits to having read a great deal of erotica – that I can relate to.  Grant is a man with the right priorities.  “He wanted to make her come again.  And again.  Until she wanted no one else but him.”  Katrina and Grant are a hot pair and their steamy scenes will make you sweat, too.

The balance between family and romance is what makes this series particularly outstanding.  In addition, being a native of St. Louis, I appreciate how well Jaci Burton incorporated elements of the city.  Her description of the heat reminded me of how brutal the humidity in St. Louis can be in the summer.  Also, she nailed it with the scene at the Jewel Box – it is an amazing place for wedding photos.

As a side note, I conducted a poll conducted last month: Quarterback Draw won for Favorite Jaci Burton Play-by-Play Cover.  See all the results at:

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I cannot get enough of this series!  My life comes to a halt when I bring one of these books home.  Ripped sports guys that have depth, too.  The characters are amazing and I adore how the characters from all the books are intertwined.  I’ll be racing faster than Gray Preston, in One Sweet Ride, to get the next in the series.  “All Wound Up” is set to be released in August 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Jaci Burton!

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