Karen Harley – Eight to Midnight


I really enjoyed this book.  What starts as a comical “Challenge” amongst 4 friends quickly turns into a brutal shedding of personal barriers and truth telling.

Eight to Midnight.png

The Challenge: Between the four friends (Matt, Sara, Jasmine, and Harrison), one guy shall pair off with one girl to have sex for four-hour period every Friday night, switching partners each Challenge night.  The purpose of which is to teach/learn about relationships.

Okay, so the “Challenge” is ridiculous.  But, fiction is meant to be entertaining and the “Challenge” sets a fantastic back-drop to the story.

The steamy scenes are spitfire hot!  The first Friday night scenes definitely sizzle.  The sexual tension that follows is palpable.

I’m undecided about which couple I like more.  The relationship between Matt and Jasmine  is gritty and intense.  This relationship brought a lot of unpredictability to the story, which I loved.  The relationship between Sara and Harrison challenges every stereotype of comparable characteristics between lovers.

This book concentrates on how difficult it is to open up and form a relationship even when two people adore each other.  Well done!

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 10.18.58 AM to Karen Harley!






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