Lorraine Loveit – Full Time


I usually thank authors at the end of my post, but I’m switching it up this time.  Thank you to Lorraine Loveit, because unlike most other authors, she did a fantastic job of recapping the previous books in the series without over doing it.  It was a great beginning.

In Full Time, Susie is in a precarious but enviable position.  I wouldn’t necessarily classify it as a problem – having two dominant males vying for her.  If I can see beyond my own personal jealousy of her fictional character, I feel her angst and struggle.  I found myself reverting back and forth between Team Brendon to Team Jason.  I love the struggle that Susie has between understanding what’s in her head and in her heart.  It’s not always clear, even to oneself, how one feels towards a person.  This dilemma makes the book really interesting.  In addition, Susie is relatively new to having a BDSM relationship and is still trying to understand her own personal limits and what it all means.  The books is filled with eye-opening and jaw-dropping steamy scenes that will not disappoint.

Included was a bonus chapter from the next in the series: “Time On” – OMG I can’t wait to read it.  This is one of those series that gets better and better after each book.

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Lorraine Loveit – Bounce Down

“Bounce Down” (1st in the series)  is Free on Amazon – MUST READ

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