Jaci Burton – Taking a Shot


Baseball season’s over and it’s time for a little hockey.  I realize that this is the second Jaci Burton post that I’ve done in one week.  There’s certain authors that are so good that you miss the stories and characters after you finish reading.  Jaci Burton creates sexy as hell professional athletes.  Her books are not only a must read, but fall into the category of great re-reads.

Jenna and Ty never quite seem to make it to an actual bedroom.  They’re quite creative and are willing to hook up no matter where they are located.

Taking a Shot

Ty isn’t just some good looking athlete.  He’s an incredibly perceptive man and boyfriend.  He understands Jenna more than she realizes and is determined to help her achieve her dreams.

Jenna is a loyal girl with a few hidden talents and some very provocative tattoos and piercings.

Unlike most stories where the man makes the big mistakes, Jenna is the one that needs to eat crow and do her best groveling.  Ty’s response is perfect.

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Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Jaci Burton!

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