Jamie McGuire – Beautiful Redemption


Love those Maddox Men!  Maddox Men understand true love – the kind that never ends.  Thomas explains the intensity of Travis’s love for Abby, his wife, “I don’t think that [love’s] an adequate word to describe the way he feels about her.  Threatening him with losing her is like threatening his life.”  For Thomas, Liis may not be his first love, but is undoubtable becomes his last. Liis, gratefully acknowledges, “I wasn’t the first, but I would be the last.  That didn’t make me the second prize.  It made me his forever.”

Thomas is hot!  Any man that can bring a woman to her knees with a kiss alone, is a keeper.  He cares immensely  about his family, too.  And, Liis is excellent for Thomas.  She is tough and doesn’t put up with his crap, both at work and elsewhere.

Love is a lot of things: fun, scary, hot, and eternal.  This book has got it all.  I adore humor in any romance.  Shepley’s best man speech at the wedding had me laughing out loud.  “[Travis & Abby’s] marriage has reinforced what I’ve always thought and lived by – that stalking, harassment, and inflicting general misery on a woman will eventually pay off.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Jamie McGuire!

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