Sondi Warner – Deserving


This book blurb drew me in, maybe it will for you, too.

Book Blurb:

Another affair? If you can’t beat them…join.

Angelina Fuentes really hates fending off women who stick to her husband like bees to honey. When her powerful bad boy hires a sexy new cleaning lady named Kristi DuPont, Matteo Fuentes is in danger of messing up big time. This is his last shot to prove to his wife he can be faithful. Or, should Angelina accept boys will be boys and girls will be better?
To keep her marriage intact, Angelina offers a ménage a trois. There’s just one problem: All three of them are in this for different reasons. Angelina is making the ultimate sacrifice out of love. Matteo wants to have his cake and eat it, too. But Kristi isn’t there to satisfy Matteo. She’s there for his wife. She’s there for revenge.

Get what you deserve when you order this dangerously good book from contemporary romance writer, Sondi Warner. Just be sure to hang onto your seats. This ménage a trois thriller will throw you for a loop!


The premise of this book is sensationally unique.  It was an outstanding blend of suspense and sexual heat.

Holy Hades HOT!  This is my first F/F/M novel.  The steamy scenes are blooding boiling hot.

The crime part was fairly well constructed.  I liked that there were a number of side characters that made the story more complicated.  However, too many clues foreshadowed the end.  I would have liked more surprise.

The book also had a number of other elements that I respected:

  1. It seems like in any LGBT book, some homophobic element is always included.  (perhaps one day it will be a non issue)  I liked that it was restricted to the perspective of an older generation.
  2. This is a multi-racial book that doesn’t follow all the traditional stereotypes.


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