Rachel Dunning – Debt


First, I gotta say – I lOVE THIS COVER!!  Why?  Finally, the cover model actually represents how the character is depicted in the book … his build, his tattoos, his eyes (both color and attitude), and even his approximate weight.

Logan is the perfect underdog that makes a reader want great things to happen in his favor.  He grew up in the worst of areas and works hard to help pay for his sister’s school.  Despite his physically tough exterior, Logan actually is sensitive on the inside.  Logan’s personality is what makes this book uniquely enjoyable and not just another run of the mill, grunge fighter romance.

Kyla is also fantastic.  She’s a walking contradiction by dressing one way but behaving in an opposite manner.  Unlike Logan, she may have come from money.  But she also had a lot of messed of family drama.  The best part of Kyla is her insightfulness

One of my favorite lines:

“You know you’re hot, you know you have it all.  You probably f*** like something out of True Blood … But you’re lost.  You hate it.  You screw and you feel empty inside.  The only pleasure you get is the one coming from your c*ck, and that’s short-lived.  You’re looking for a longer org*sm, but that isn’t it.  You’re sick of women, you’re sick of the sex, you need something deeper, more meaningful, but you’re sh*t-scared to commit to it for reasons I haven’t quite figured out yet.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 10.18.58 AM to Rachel Dunning! 


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