Kylie Scott – Deep (Stage Dive #4)


Incredible book in an incredible series.  I’m not just saying that because the main character’s name is Liz.  She is perfectly imperfect.  Yes, she falls for the bad boy rock star, befriends him, beds him, but is strong enough to walk away when she’s tolerated enough.  Ben struggles with commitment.  He has many yo-yo moments of pulling Liz in close then pushing her away.  He can say the most perfect thing. “Sweetheart, you’ve been important since day one.  Only girl I kept coming back to.  Didn’t matter how far I ran, I couldn’t get you off my mind.  Never been this way about another woman.”  As beautiful are his words, it’s not enough.  Actions can outweigh words.

As an aside, in a female bonding circle, Liz brags to the other women about the erotic benefits of Ben’s beard.  To beard or not to beard?  I can’t really weigh in on this because of lack of experience.  I’ve never even kissed a man with a goatee or beard.  However, it does beg the question, what is the hottest amount of facial hair? None, 5 o’clock shadow, 1-2 day, Goatee, Full Beard.  Purely from a visually appealing opinion, I’ld have to pick a 1-2 day growth.  (just an opinion)

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Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Kylie Scott

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