Lorraine Loveit – Grand Final – The Last Game (Playing the Game #6)



As the series comes to an end, will Suzie end up with Brendon?  The entire novel leaves the reader on pins and needles, waiting the for the other shoe to drop.  Will Brendon return to his abusive former self?  I couldn’t put the book down until I had the answer.

With all the admirers that Suzie has procured, with whom will she end up in the end?

I love how this book separates itself from other BDSM novels.  Most other books have completely romanticized the concept of BDSM, which isn’t to say that the books are bad.  This series breaks from those predictable story lines.

1. This series shows that things aren’t always perfect in a BDSM relationship.  Doms, like Brenden, can be inexperienced.  He really had no clue how to be a good Dom.  In previous books, he never put the needs of his sub first.

2.  BDSM isn’t for everyone.  Jason states, in the beginning of this book, that Suzie isn’t a submissive even though he wishes she should would be his.  Suzie tried to be a good submissive but it just wasn’t in her nature.

3.  Even if you try the lifestyle, you can always stop and still have a kinky fun sex life.  There’s a whole lot of room for creativity between BDSM and boring vanilla missionary.  This is the crux of the heat and steam in Grand Final.

The racy scenes left me needing a cold shower.  Unfortunately, unlike Suzie’s numerous showers, Brendon did not join me.  Damn those book boyfriends!

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Loveitt PTG series

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Lorraine Loveit!

One thought on “Lorraine Loveit – Grand Final – The Last Game (Playing the Game #6)

  1. Thank you so much – I am glad that you and many others have enjoyed this series.
    I feel the characters have become part of me and that’s why I could not let them go – I’m bringing them all back in a spin-off series.


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