Sylvia Day – One With You


Recently released, this is the 5th in the Crossfire Series!  After waiting nearly a year and half since the 4th book in the series was published, I have to say: it was worth the frustratingly long wait!  The story was well thought out.  Not everything ends in a perfectly happily ever after, but all loose ends are addressed.

Honestly, I was a bit irritated when I finished book four and it ended in a cliff hanger (yet again).  I felt like the author was trying to stretch out the series unnecessarily.  I stand corrected.  The way that Sylvia Day completed the series was spectacular.

If you’re reading this review, I assume that you are familiar with Gideon and Eva and the series.  There’s a lot of emotional growth for all the characters in the series.  None of the characters attain perfection, which is nice in the sense that it is much more realistic.

After 10 days of celibacy (I mean really did you think Gideon and Eva could actually keep their hands off of each other?) the sex is off the charts.  However, the period of abstinence offered a lot of opportunity for some humor.

There’s unexpected heartache.  I love that it’s unpredictable but not completely out of place.

Finally, there’s also a new character … Lucky.  He’s adorable and helps teach Gideon to accept unconditional love.


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Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Sylvia Day!


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