J. Kenner – Tame Me


Holy Cow this short book packs a powerful punch.  In general, I’m not usually a fan of novellas.  I prefer to get deeply lost in a character and that just can’t happen in a short story.   This book is the exception.

There is a lot frustratingly fun drama.  There’s even a touch of deep seriousness.  Ryan states, “No matter how much we love them, we all grow up surrounded by our parents’ shit.  You’ll either be buried in it and suffocate, or use it for fertilizer and thrive.”  Most importantly, the heat factor in this book is off the charts.  This is the kind of book I’ll leave on the nightstand because I’m certain to be re-reading it on a cold evening.  A girl needs to stay warm.

Also, I enjoyed the story because it was satisfying to see Jamie Archer, best friend to Nikki – newly married to Damien Stark, finally get her happily ever after.

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Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to J. Kenner!

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