Kelsey Jordan – The First of Spring (The Guardian World #3)


I absolutely loved the first half of the book.  Aryana’s brother, Camden, sets the tone for Aryana’s mind set.  He says quite casually, “Nobody wants to marry her, they just want the experience of bedding the hybrid.”  Trent’s attraction towards Aryana is left to be mysteriously vague but it is clear that it isn’t malicious as the others.  The pull between them is palpable and I couldn’t put down the book.  The devastating event that separates Trent and Aryana happened at about the half-way point in the story.  I’m a very greedy and impatient reader.  I want my HEA.  The diversion from this main romance was heavily ensconced in the mythical world that has many relations to Greek mythology.  During this time, Trent focuses on the war between the lycans and the hunters.

Unfortunately, I can’t go into details about what I liked in the second half of the book without spoiling the story.  All in all, the story is a bit of everything: paranormal romance, greek mythology, and a dose of a 6-month long punishment that hints at BDSM and the concept of ownership.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Kelsey Jordan!

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