Jaci Burton – All Wound Up


If you haven’t been reading the Play by Play Series by Jaci Burton – YOU NEED TO START NOW!

In All Wound Up, Tucker and Aubry’s busy work schedules don’t provide them with the opportunity to spend a lot of time together but they certainty make it quality time – hot and intense.  The clothes shedding scenes were filled with heart pounding sexual tension and release.  The heat on the pages made me need a shower after a few of the chapters.

While Tucker and Aubry come from two different types of families, their determination to forge their own paths in their careers makes them a believable couple.  Tucker chooses to become a baseball player in a family of football stars; and Aubrey chooses to follow her pursuit of science academics to become a doctor in a family of business minded parents.

I love the simplicity of Aubry’s physical attraction to Tucker.  She finds him gorgeous in jeans and a button down shirt.  Well, his cut abs and amazing stamina are a bonus.

Tucker’s attraction for Aubry is charming.  While he can compliment her ass and make her feel attractive, he also has a true respect for her quick witted intellect that can get him out of bind when the wrong words slip from his mouth.

One of my favorite lines:

Tucker says to Aubry, “I’m okay with being your dirty little secret, Aubry.”  Then he adds, “For now,” just before kissing her.

I usually don’t have a preference for reading books on an e-reader or an actual book.  For me, there’s an equal balance of pros and cons.  However, I think this series is my one exception.  With a covers like these, it’s nice to be able to check out the cover every time I’m forced to put down the book (and focus on real life).  I conducted a poll in February 2015 to vote on people’s most favorite Jaci Burton cover.  Quarterback Draw won.

See all the results at:

Results of Favorite Jaci Burton Play by Play Cover

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Which is your favorite Jaci Burton Play by Play Cover?

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Jaci Burton!

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