K.L. Middleton, LR Potter, C.J. Pinard – Summer Sizzle

51rCx+tnCkL._AA160_ A Trio of Tales all involving men in uniform: Cop, Fireman, and Marine. Chasing Emma by K.L. Middleton

Shameless cop, gets caught with the nurse’s panties in his hand.  A great way to start a story!  Chase, the cop, has a great sense of humor and the way that he can make Emma blush is alluring.  The story is both sweet and spicy.  Everyone’s Fourth of July should be so spectacular.

Controlled Burn by LR Potter

The story starts with a hilarious break-up scene.  Anyone caught is such a circumstance should be this  articulate.  Kenna drops the bags of food and says,

“Well at least now you can feed the poor woman, Max.  From experience, I know she’ll still be hungry after feeding on what little you have to offer.”

In the rest of the story, the Fireman, Ty, brings the heat.  The story is both hot and heartfelt.  What a wonderful combination!

Rush of Innocence by LR Potter

Those marines down in San Diego are definitely difficult to resist.  Is it enough to have a well-built, beautiful man that: is fabulous in bed, texts and calls frequently, and flies you to Florida?

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM K.L.  Middleton, LR Potter, C.J. Pinard

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