S.C. Stephens – Thoughtful


This is part of the Thoughtless Series.  In terms of the story line it parallels the the first novel, Thoughtless, but is told from Kellan’s point of view.

Loved Thoughtless?  You absolutely MUST read Thoughtful!  This is not some regurgitation of Thoughtless with a simple change of POV.  It is a completely different emotional ride.  A very intense ride.   My heart was breaking for 545 pages.  S.C. Stephens makes you feel Kellan’s pain.  It is everything you were dying to know while you read Thoughtless.  Kellan is a very guarded character, so while he speaks certain words, he thinks many other things.  It is these other feelings and emotions that are shared in Thoughtful.  Yes, he is a “moody artist” and his “moods” are described in an amazingly articulate and heart wrenching manner.  It is a roller coaster of emotions as Kellan is brought to feel hope, happiness, and love but then the rug is pulled out from under him and is left falling into a deep pit of despair.  I honestly felt it in my stomach as if I were falling, too.

This is a love triangle story like no other.  If you only have time to read one romance book this year, this is the one to read.

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Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to S.C. Stephens!

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