Celebrating Authors/Books that I didn’t blog about but haven’t forgotten (Week 1 – Paranormal Romance)

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Week 1 – Pure Paranormal Passion Books

Patricia BriggsMercy Thompson Series

Tough female coyote shapeshifter, married to a hot strong werewolf, seems to find herself in a lot of crazy supernatural predicaments.  The books contain action packed stories with some romance.

Laurell Hamilton – Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series

Bold female vampire hunter that enjoys her MANY vampires and shifters.  Brings the concept of polyamorous relationships to whole new level!  Can’t wait to find out who she is going to marry.  I unfortunately missed out on a short release of a short story – Shutdown.  Hopefully it will be available again.

Charlaine Harris – Sookie Stackhouse Series

Who will be the hottest vampire or other supernatural to win the heart of a heart of a southern girl with superhuman talents?  I loved the southern drawl and connections between the characters.  The True Blood series was based on these books.  The books are much better than the show.

Shelly LaurenstonThe Mane Event

Great combination of shifter and real world.  In the story, the scent of a woman’s neck makes a male lion purr.  Reading the carnal description, made me yearn.  I just realized that these stories are just the first in a 9-book series: Pride Series.  Yay! More to read.

Stephenie Meyer – Twilight Saga

A series that even teens can read and the series that got me hooked on reading again!

J.R. WardBlack Daggar Brotherhood

These are the sexiest vampires that come to life on paper.  The character names are absolutely spectacular: Wrath, Rhage, Zsadist, Dhestroyer, Vishous, Phury, and Rehvenge .  They are forceful and definitively masculine.  Each book in the series gets better.  My favorite was “Lover at Last,”  which I find difficult to discuss without spoiling the ending.  Instead, I’ll try and control myself and bite my tongue for now.

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