Christina Lauren – Dark Wild Night (Wild Seasons #3)


It’s terrifying to cross the line between friendship and lovers.  This book captures that fear and temptation masterfully.  The longing looks.  The innuendos.  The flirtation.

Oliver owns a comic book store and Lola is a comic book artist and writer.  Sounds like a perfect match, yes?  They have that perfect connection where their mutual friends think they communicate in their own language.  They can enjoy a silence between themselves and not feel awkward.  They have a shared nerdy sensibility that allows them to relate so well together.

My favorite moment is when Oliver decides that he wants to propose to Lola.  It has nothing to do with how she looks or feels in bed, but how her mind works to fight for her comic book.

I have physical proof that this book is fabulous.  It’s been 24 hours since I finished the book and I still can feel the pain and happiness for these characters in my chest and gut.


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