Laura Kaye – “Hard To Come By”


This is Book 3 in the Hard Ink series (although don’t skip 2.5 it was really good).  This is one of those series that gets better, book by book.

I adore the character Derek aka Marz.  Derek considers himself the “brains and beauty of the operation.”  His personality is what really sets himself apart.  His ability to make others laugh during the most stressful and dangerous moments is one of his most attractive features.  Speaking of his features, more specifically his physical features, he is decorated with many tattoos, not all of which are shown on the cover.  To quote the character Emilie, “Holy Shit, Derek.”  I guess I’ll have to use my imagination to picture all of his other tattoos.

Check out my other post for “Hard to Hold On To.” (Book 2.5 in Hard Ink series)

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Laura Kaye!

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