Celebrating Authors/Books that I didn’t blog about but haven’t forgotten (Week 5 – Three or More Galore)

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Week 5 – Three or More Galore

Maya Banks

Be With Me – One woman with three men that have varying expectations in bed.  Life gets even more complicated by the fact that someone is out to kill her.  Hot and suspenseful!

Brazen (Brazen, Reckless) – Another threesome from Maya Banks.  Really enjoyed the 2-book combination, which allowed for the continuation of the story.  Let’s you see beyond one night of super sexcapades.

Colters’ Legacy Series – Like fathers like sons.  Menage a Quatre (I actually had to look up the term). Polygamy in a family setting.

For Her Pleasure – All good things should come in threes.  Three good stories in one anthology.  Nobody wants to be the third wheel in a threesome.

Linger (Stay With Me and Songbird)  – Men should never take a woman’s love and openness for granted.  Two books where the men need to fight to regain something that is right because they let it slip through their fingers.

Shayla Black

Masters of Menage (Their Virgin Captive) – No hiding with this title!  Quick easy read.

Wicked Ties – Should a Dominant male give his Submissive a three-way for a night, even if he really doesn’t want to share?

Decadent – What happens when 2 of the 3 in a relationship fall in love with each other?  Not all threesomes last a lifetime, but can make for some great reading.

Jaci Burton

Unwrapped – Having a secret sexual fantasy fulfilled – BEST Christmas present ever.

Lauren Dane

Federation Chronicles (Undercover) –  Science Fiction mixed with some trio sex.  When fighting the universe, it is always important to get some sexual relief, in triplicate.

Laurell Hamilton  

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series – Bold female vampire hunter that enjoys her MANY vampires and shifters.  Brings the concept of polyamorous relationships to whole new level!  Can’t wait to find out who she is going to marry.  I unfortunately missed out on a short release of a short story – Shutdown.  Hopefully it will be available again.

Megan Hart

Alex Kennedy (Tempted, Everything Changes, Naked) Husband – Wife plus one.  This isn’t actually a trilogy, but three different books that are linked.  Loved getting to know more about the characters by reading all three books.

Kelly Jamieson

Wicked One Night – Ten years is a long time to wait for the best sex of your life, but some things are worth the wait.  Enjoyed the drama.  Laughed aloud.  Great ending.  A must read.

Lora Leigh

Nauti Boy – Fun romp on a boat.  There are other books in the series.

Trista Ann Michaels

Leave Me Breathless – What’s better than a Navy Seal?  Two Navy Seals.  They are trained to protect Tessa from the threats on her life and offer her a deal she cannot say no to as well.

Anne Rainey

Body Rush – A fabulous night with 3 hot owners of a sex club.  What happens if one wants more than just sex?

Saskia Walker

Her Fantasy – Only 42 pages, but packed with a lot of heat.  Just the right dose for fantastic foreplay.

Three To Tango

Lauren Dane – Dirty/Bad/Wrong; Megan Hart – Just For One Night; Emma Holly – Flipping for Chelsea; Bethany Kane – On the Job

I choose to read this because of Lauren Dane and Megan Hart’s contributions, but I was riveted by a new-to-me author, Emma Holly.


Maya Banks – Exiled; Lauren Dane – Sway

Two great authors in one great book.

Four Play

Shayla Black – Her Fantasy Men; Maya Banks – Pillow Talk

I have gifted this book on several occasions.  It is always a highly appreciated present.

Three’s Company

Jess Dee – A Question of Trust; Jayne Rylon – Nice and Naughty; Lorelei James – Wicked Garden

Hot. Hot. Hot.  Three hot stories in a single book.  Yes!


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